“Whatever the reason is, if you have the desire and the drive
for change, I can help!" 

There are many reasons to hire a personal trainer -

  • Perhaps you are not seeing results with your current program
  • You don’t know how to start and maintain a balanced schedule of all the activities that encompass a good health and fitness program
  • You’re bored and need a fresh perspective
  • You need to be challenged
  • You want to know how to exercise on your own
  • You need accountability and motivation
  • You have a specific injury, illness or condition to work around or to rehabilitate
  • You are training for an event or sport
  • You desire supervision and support during your workouts
  • You want to lose weight
  • You want to re-claim your body and your life!


Personal Training Packages:

10 Training Sessions - A popular package that can be specifically tailored for a wide variety of fitness goals. Ten 55 minute workouts with me 1-3 times a week (your choice). Price: $1,000.  If you don’t like working out alone, train with a friend for only an additional $50 per session.  

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Get Started Program - Create a new program specifically designed for you. Included in this package is a training program design and two 55 minute personal training sessions to try out your new customized workout program. Price: $500.