Ouick Pointers 

You have just purchased and had installed new hair extensions.  You look fabulous, your hair looks great, and you feel fantastic.  Without proper care and maintenance, your extensions can begin to lose their luster and look.  Here are a few quick pointers to keep you and your extensions looking great all-year-long.

Maintenance:  An extremely important component for keeping your extensions looking great for a longer period of time.  After two or so months of new hair growth, extensions can begin to loosen and look out of place.  Additionally, extensions can be burdensome on any new hair.  Reinstallation and/or tightening every couple of months will keep your extensions looking up-to-date and fabulous.

Quality:  Good quality hair properly maintained can and should last over a year, thereby keeping your overall hair costs down.  You can color and Highlight quality hair as you wish.  The best hair is 100% virgin without any mix.  Even with quality hair, some clients may notice dry ends when they receive the hair.  These dry ends are perfectly normal for and can be quickly corrected with good quality hair care products.

Tangles:  One common problem is that hair extension may get tangled due to dryness, build-up of oil and dirt, exposure to salt water or chlorine, and/or failure to properly and regularly comb your hair.  Make sure to wash and condition your hair at least once a week, with twice per week being optimal.  The use of good quality hair products is also important.  Consult your stylist for further suggestions and recommendations.

Shedding:  All hair sheds, and you will notice some shedding with your extensions.  To minimize shedding, use a Lovop Brush and/or Wet Brush as shown below.  These brushes are sold in salon.

What kinds of hair care products you should use?  No one hair care product is right for everyone, but using high quality well-known products will provide you with longer lasting and great looking hair extensions.  Quality products will make and keep your hair soft and shiny.  The products can be purchased or pre-ordered from the Girlfriends.

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